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About Us

Ambassadoor is a mobile platform that completely automates the influencer marketing process for both businesses and influencers. Influencer marketing is a powerful tool but designing and running campaigns is time consuming and tedious.


Businesses used to have two options 1.) hire an agency, which can be extremely expensive, or 2.) coordinate a campaign themselves. We created a third way. An advertising tool like Facebook ads, but instead of pushing content advertising, it automatically connects businesses to relevant nano-influencers.


This is Ambassadoor. For influencers, anyone with just a few followers and engagement can download our app and accept available offers from relevant businesses. We believe everyone is an influencer, we are just helping them get paid for it.

Our Goals

to connect small businesses to nano-influencers





to enable anyone on Instagram with engagement to be a paid influencer


to automate the influencer search, compensation, and management processes.

The Team 

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Bruno Gonzalez Hauger - 

"Empowering small. That's what we're all about. What we are trying to do is enable anyone to make money off of their personal brand--no matter what their following. And simultaneously, give small businesses the power of creator marketing that was simply out of reach before."


Marco Gonzalez Hauger - 

"Through innovative technology we are taking a complex, and tiresome process (influencer marketing), and making it easy, simple, and fun."


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Join Us

We are passionate about influencer marketing, emerging technologies, and new product adaptation and implementation. If you are interested in joining our team, please send us a message or reach out to