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The Power of Nano

Why bigger isn't always better for your brand.

It's not all about views. When it comes to influencer marketing, there is no more important metric than engagement rate. Engagement rate is the percentage of an influencer's following that likes, comments, or interacts in any way with a post. An engagement is a confirmation that somebody not only saw an influencer's post, but paid enough attention to interact. 

Influencers with the highest engagement rate are not the mega and macro-influencers that charge thousands for a post, but the smaller, lesser known personalities on social media. Nano-influencers have only 100 to 10,000 followers on Instagram, but their engagement rate can be as high as 40%. 



Not only do nano-influencers have a higher engagement rate, they are also more trusted by their followers than traditional macro-influencers. Nano-influencer's followers are people who personally know them. They are friends and family; people who are more likely to be effectively influenced by them. 

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Game Changing Tech at your Fingertips

So nano-influencing is awesome...why don't more brands take advantage? Well, until now the only two options have been to find, reach out to, negotiate with, and track influencers yourself (super time consuming and tedious) or hire an agency (can be very expensive). 

Ambassadoor Business allows you to design, run, and optimize powerful nano-influencer campaigns just minutes. 

Nano-Influencing on Instagram by the numbers:


The average engagement rate of large influencers


The average engagement rate of Facebook Ads


Average Cost-Per-Enagement

Track real-time Campaign Statistics

Part of the struggle of influencer marketing is tracking results. You want to know how many likes, comments, impressions, and engagements your campaign is getting, but doing so is super time consuming. 

With Ambassadoor Business, every campaigns results are right there for you on the stats page, being tracked in real-time. 

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Are we a good fit? 

Ambassadoor works best with businesses that are experience-based, or have brick-and-mortar locations. Although you can sign up with online businesses or other types as well, make sure that influencers can post relevant content for you that showcases your product or services without having to ship them or require significant amount of time or preparation for posting. 

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to us at, or send us a message below! 

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