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You are already an influencer...start getting paid for it

Start Earning Off Your Personal Brand.

How to be a Nano-Influencer in 3 Simple Steps:

1: Download Ambassadoor on the iOS App Store
2: Check out offers from local brands you love
3: Choose offers, post for brands, get paid. That's it.

Support Small Business

When you use Ambassadoor, not only are you earning money from brands, but you are directly helping small businesses market their products and services to their consumer base. There is no form of marketing that feels more intimate than a brand reaching audiences through their friends and family -- you! You are more influential to your followers than large influencers. Now you can get paid for that influence with Ambassadoor. 

When you get small businesses in your area to create an Ambassadoor Business account using your Referral Code, you will earn a percentage of whatever that business sends on Ambassadoor for life! 

Your Pay Rate

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We keep it simple. At Ambassadoor, pay rate is based on a standard model taking into account your followers and engagement rate. This keeps things fair and standardized for influencers across the board. The more followers you rack up, or the higher your average engagement rate, the more money you'll be making!


1: How many followers do I need to influence?

Technically, there is no minimum, but we recommend having a following of at least 100 on Instagram

2: How long does it take for me to be paid after I post?

After your post is verified and accepted (should take less than 2 hours) you will receive payment within 48 hours. 

3: Do I need to be a 'Business Account' on Instagram to have an  Ambassadoor account? 

You do need to be a "Business Account" on Instagram in order to create an account on Ambassadoor and to post sponsored content. If you are currently a personal or creator account, switch to "Business" to make an account.

4: Why are there are no offers in my feed?

We are brand new and expanding! There may be limited offers available in your area at this time, but stay posted. If you are interested in helping us expand into your area, please see the "Work with Us" tab.

5: Is there a limit to how often I can post?

Nope! Influence away! Just make sure that your are posting after any offer you accept, if you accept two offers in a row without posting, you may be temporarily suspended from accepting offers. 

6: What if my post gets rejected?

It happens! If your post is rejected, it probably means that you did not abide by one of the guidelines the brand laid out in the offer. You must be sure to post exactly what they ask for. If you correct your post or post a corrected version within the time frame, your post will be verified and you will be paid. If there are any issues, please email

7: If I need help who can I reach out to? 

We are here to help! If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Get Started

What are you waiting for!? Start influencing today! If you have any questions, please send us a message below, or email

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